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                                                             Valley Believers Christian Center is not just a                                    

                       Church, but a family.  Pastors Tom and Gale

                       Slayton endeavor to teach, preach and

                       demonstrate the love of God, not just to the

                       congregation, but to all those with whom they

                       come in contact.


                      The church is located at 781 S. San Jacinto Street in the city of                         

                              San Jacinto, California.  Service times are 10:30 am on Sundays.


                      The goal of Valley Believers Christian Center is to reach the         

                      Community with the healing power, deliverance and peace of God.  To

                      let the people know that God still works miracles and transforms lives          

                      in troubled times.  If it is love you need, this is the place, if you need

                     miracle healing this is the place and most of all if you need to know  

                     God in a deeper way come and hear dynamic life transforming   



                    With the gift of faith God enabled Dr. Tom to raise his son from the dead  

                    and the bible states that the gifts and callings of God are without  

                    repentance.  The gift of faith has provided the Slayton family a tenacity

                    to stand, endure and fight a good fight when things seem lost and                    

                    hopeless.  If you want victory and hope you need the teaching at Valley    

                    Believers Christian Church.

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